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Ozosync Ozone Injector 1.6m3/s Standalone Unit

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Elevate your kitchen’s odour management with the Ozosync Ozone Injector. Crafted from durable stainless steel with an IP68 waterproof rating, this device effortlessly mounts to standard spiral ducting using suspension brackets or split rings. Designed for ease, it requires no internal access for installation and fits directly onto 100mm ducting. The Ozosync handles up to 3.6 m³/s airflow and features a safety interlock, test feature, and linear design for consistent ozone distribution.

Enjoy peace of mind with a 12-month warranty, 18-month generator plate lifespan, and a recommended 6-monthly service plan. Customize your unit with optional extras like individual fuse protection, variable airflow control, BMS integration, and ozone monitoring for external air safety. Streamline odour control in your commercial kitchen with the efficient and reliable Ozosync Ozone Injector.

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Technical Information

Ozosync Ozone Injector

Transform your commercial kitchen’s odour management with the cutting-edge Ozosync Ozone Injector. Engineered with robust stainless steel and an IP68 waterproof rating, this device stands out with its cylindrical design that not only assures longevity but also facilitates ease of installation. The Ozosync is a pinnacle of safety and efficiency, featuring a safety interlock with airflow and a test feature to ensure reliable operation.

The Ozosync caters to high-volume environments with the capacity to manage up to 3.6 m³/s airflow from a single unit. Its linear design promotes uniform ozone generation and effective cooling, making it a paragon of consistency. Operational on a standard 230V supply, the unit is fuse protected and includes a built-in switch for straightforward operation.

Mounting the Ozosync is a breeze, thanks to its compatibility with standard spiral ducting suspension brackets or split rings, negating the need for internal circuitry access during installation. The unit seamlessly integrates with 100mm spiral ducting, promising a quick and secure fit. With a 12-month warranty and a recommendation for generator plates replacement every 18 months based on a 14-hour daily usage, the Ozosync is a testament to reliability and longevity. To maintain peak performance, a 6-monthly service plan is recommended.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Robust Construction: Stainless steel build, designed for durability and longevity.
  • Seamless Installation: Can be mounted using standard spiral ducting brackets or split rings, with no need to access internal circuitry.
  • High-Volume Airflow: Accommodates up to 3.6 m³/s airflow, perfect for busy commercial settings.
  • Optimal Ozone Distribution: Linear design for balanced ozone generation and efficient cooling.
  • User-Friendly: Operates on 230V, with fuse protection and an easy-to-use built-in switch.
  • Commissioning Module: Includes a separate commissioning module for simplified setup.
  • Warranty and Service: Comes with a 12-month warranty and a suggested 6-monthly service plan for uninterrupted operation.
  • Maintenance: Generator plates are replaceable every 18 months with recommended usage, ensuring sustained effectiveness.
  • Contact Time: 1.5s of contact time required for minimum effectiveness.

The Ozosync also offers a suite of optional extras to tailor the system to your specific needs:

  • Individual Generator Fuse Protection: Each ozone generator plate is safeguarded with its own fuse, enhancing reliability and safety.
  • Variable Airflow Control: Individual generator control adapts to variable airflow situations for optimal ozone injection.
  • BMS Options: Integration with Building Management Systems for streamlined operations.
  • Ozone Monitoring: Ensure external air safety with optional ozone monitoring capabilities.

Invest in the Ozosync Ozone Injector for an odour-free, efficient, and safe kitchen exhaust environment. Enjoy the peace of mind that comes from a product designed with the demands of commercial kitchen ventilation in mind.

General Specification

Air Volume m3/s
Voltage AC 230
Current at 230v 0.66
Power Consumption 150
Material 430 Stainless Steel
Filter Grade G3


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About the Brand

Culinergy specializes in custom, bespoke electrical accessories and controls tailored for the evolving needs of kitchen ventilation systems. Our products are designed with precision to enhance efficiency, reliability, and sustainability in commercial kitchens. By focusing on innovation and the specific requirements of a kitchen environment, Culinergy ensures optimal performance and energy conservation, making it the go-to choice for professionals seeking advanced ventilation solutions.