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Advanced Airflow Solutions

Commercial and Industrial ventilation services. Kitchen ventilation systems, general ventilation, air conditioning and more.

Core Division

Reliable Electrical Systems

Commercial and industrial electrical services. Including electrical installation, controls, fire alarm, emergency lighting and more.

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Precision Custom Manufacturing

Manufacturers specializing in stainless steel fabrications such as kitchen canopies and filtration units, electrical control panels, accessories, and more.

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How We Work.

At Imperial Green Systems, we pride ourselves on delivering top-notch ventilation solutions that are as sustainable as they are effective. From initial consultations to custom manufacturing and expert installations, our approach integrates cutting-edge technology with eco-friendly practices to ensure every project meets high standards of efficiency and compliance. Whether you're upgrading a commercial kitchen or installing new electrical systems, our team is dedicated to providing seamless service and maintenance that keeps your operations running smoothly and sustainably.

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Core Division

  • Kitchen Ventilation Systems
  • General Ventilation
  • AHU Systems
  • Air Conditioning
  • Control Systems
  • Power and Lighting
  • Fire Alarm
  • Emergency Lighting


Core Division


Core Division

  • Commercial Kitchen Canopies
  • Electrical Control Panels and Accessories
  • Filtration Units
  • Re-Circulation Units
  • Stainless Steel Fabrications
  • Ductwork
  • Manufactured Products
  • Partner Products
  • Full Specifications and Performance Charts
  • Open to Trade and Public

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Core Division

Primary Services.


We begin each project with a detailed consultation to understand your specific needs and challenges. Our experts offer tailored advice, leveraging years of industry experience to provide solutions that enhance efficiency and comply with the latest regulations. We help you identify the most effective strategies for your ventilation and electrical systems, setting the foundation for a successful project.


Our design process combines technical expertise with innovative technology to create systems that are both efficient and sustainable. We focus on custom solutions that fit the unique demands of your space, whether it’s a commercial kitchen, school, or industrial facility. Each design is crafted to maximize performance while minimizing environmental impact, ensuring that every system is cost-effective and compliant.


We manufacture custom kitchen canopies, kitchen extract filters, re-circulation systems, electrical control panels, electrical accessories and more in-house, ensuring quality and precision. Our manufacturing process uses the latest technology and eco-friendly materials to produce durable and high-performance products that meet stringent industry standards.


Our installation services are conducted with the utmost commitment to health and safety. Every team member is comprehensively trained in safe work practices, fully equipped to manage installations efficiently and safely. We adhere to strict safety protocols to protect our staff and your site. We install all systems we manufacture, ensuring a perfect fit and seamless integration. Our expert team oversees every aspect of the installation, from strategic planning to final implementation, ensuring precision and compliance with all regulatory standards.


Post-installation, we conduct rigorous testing to ensure that all systems operate at peak efficiency and in compliance with all safety and environmental regulations. Our comprehensive testing procedures help in identifying any potential issues early, allowing for immediate rectification to maintain continuity and safety of your operations.


Our maintenance services are designed to keep your systems operating at optimal levels, extending their lifespan and preventing costly breakdowns. We offer scheduled maintenance checks, emergency repairs, and ongoing support to ensure your systems remain compliant and efficient year-round. Our proactive approach helps in minimizing downtime and maximizing performance.

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