Low Pressure Premium Baffle Filter 395 x 496 x 45

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Introducing our premium low-pressure baffle filter, an essential component for commercial kitchens and ventilation systems. This high-quality filter is expertly designed to efficiently extract grease-laden air and provide an effective barrier against flames. Crafted from durable stainless steel, it comes with either a polished finish or a 240-grit dull grain finish, ensuring both aesthetic appeal and longevity. Our baffle filter is robustly constructed, with options for folding or rigid handles, and includes drain holes for ease of use. It conforms to the highest industry standards, including HVCA DW172, and is available in both standard and custom sizes. With quick delivery times and cut-safe safety edges, this filter is an ideal choice for enhancing kitchen safety and efficiency.

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Technical Information

Low Pressure Baffle Filter Charts

wdt_ID Product Code Air Volume Pressure Drop Air Volume m3/s
1 LPBF244945 497 64 0.138
2 LPBF244945 554 102 0.154
3 LPBF244945 669 153 0.186
4 LPBF244945 813 202 0.226
5 LPBF244945 932 264 0.259
6 LPBF244945 1,080 346 0.300
7 LPBF393945 536 41 0.149
8 LPBF393945 666 67 0.185
9 LPBF393945 806 98 0.224
10 LPBF393945 1,004 150 0.279
Product Code Air Volume Pressure Drop

Low Pressure Premium Baffle Filter 395 x 496 x 45 Resistance M3/s

Low Pressure Premium Baffle Filter 395 x 496 x 45 Resistance M3/hr

Discover the ultimate solution for your commercial kitchen ventilation needs with our state-of-the-art Low-Pressure Baffle Filter. Engineered for efficiency and safety, this premium quality filter is ideal for a wide range of applications, from bustling restaurants and fast-food premises to educational institutions and more. Its advanced design efficiently traps grease and provides a reliable flame barrier, crucial for maintaining a safe and hygienic kitchen environment.

Crafted from the finest stainless steel, this filter boasts a robust and fully welded construction, ensuring longevity and resilience in demanding kitchen conditions. Whether you prefer a sleek polished look or a more subdued 240-grit dull grain finish, our filter meets both aesthetic and functional needs. The innovative design includes practical folding handles or an optional rigid handle, coupled with integrated drain holes for effortless maintenance.

Compliance with HVCA DW172 and ISO9001 standards underscores our commitment to quality and safety, making this filter a trusted choice for commercial kitchen ventilation systems. Available in standard depths of 20mm and 45mm, and offering quick delivery for both stock and custom sizes, this filter is designed to meet the diverse requirements of modern kitchens. Enhance your kitchen’s ventilation system with our Low-Pressure Baffle Filter, a perfect blend of performance, safety, and design excellence.

  • Product Type: Low-Pressure Baffle Filter
  • Material Used: High-grade stainless steel
  • Finish Variants: Polished finish or 240-grit dull grain finish
  • Build Quality: Fully welded for enhanced durability and strength
  • Handle Options: Folding handles standard, optional rigid handle available
  • Drainage Feature: Integrated drain holes for efficient fluid drainage
  • Safety Aspects: Equipped with Cutsafe safety edges to prevent injuries
  • Standard Compliance: Meets HVCA DW172 and ISO9001 standards
  • Intended Use: Suitable for commercial kitchens, water mist separation, spark arrestors, and sand filtration
  • Size Availability: Standard depths of 20mm and 45mm; stock and custom sizes with a 2-3 day delivery time

General Specification

Weight 2.39 kg
Dimensions 45 × 396 × 395 mm
Filter Grade G2
Height mm (15.55 inches)
Width 496 mm (19.53 inches)
Depth 45 mm (1.77 inches)
Standards Met DW/172 , ISO9001
Material 430 Stainless Steel
Material Finish 430 Polished


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About the Brand

KEXPEL specializes in tailored filtration solutions for commercial kitchens, ensuring compliance with stringent environmental regulations. Our cutting-edge filter units are designed to effectively capture and treat contaminants emitted from the kitchen exhaust system. By reducing the release of pollutants and odours into the surrounding environment, KEXPEL not only helps you meet regulatory requirements but also fosters a healthier and more environmentally responsible community. With our filtration technology, you can minimize the impact on neighbouring areas, promoting a cleaner and more harmonious atmosphere for the local community. Choose KEXPEL for a responsible and eco-friendly approach to commercial kitchen operations.