Kexpel CFU Quad Dual Flow 454545 Eco – Carbon Filter Unit

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The Kexpel Dual Flow Eco range of carbon filter units seamlessly integrate a high-efficiency pleated panel filter and a carbon cell. Specifically designed for applications with lower levels of grease and humidity, these carbon filter units excel at odour reduction.

Accessing the filter is a breeze, with knobs situated along the shorter side of the filter box, allowing for toolless removal / reinstatement.

The 454545 series provides effortless access for installation above a suspended ceiling grid, thanks to its filters designed to perfectly fit through a single tile space. The individual cell units are remarkably manageable, with a weight of just 28 kgs, making it a practical and convenient choice for the responsible person in charge of maintenance.

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Technical Information

The Dual Flow Eco 454545 series from Imperial Green Systems, a cutting-edge range of carbon filter units (CFU) perfect for enhancing your kitchen ventilation system. Designed specifically for commercial kitchens, these eco-class CFUs excel in efficient and accessible air purification, adeptly managing grease, odour, and air quality. The Dual Flow Eco series features easy installation and low-maintenance demands, making it an ideal choice for any professional kitchen seeking to upgrade its ventilation system. Embrace the pinnacle of eco-friendly and robust kitchen ventilation solutions with our innovative CFUs.

Kexpel CFU Dual Flow

Kexpel CFU Quad Dual Flow 454545 Eco – Carbon Filter Unit Resistance

Kexpel CFU Quad Dual Flow 454545 Eco – Carbon Filter Unit Dwell Time

Kexpel CFU Quad Dual Flow 454545 Eco – Carbon Filter Unit Contact Time

Kexpel CFU Quad Dual Flow 454545 Eco – Carbon Filter Unit Dwell Time to Resistance

General Specification

Weight 147 kg
Dimensions 800 × 905 × 905 mm
Contact Time s
Resistance Pa
Air Volume m3/s
Number of carbon cells
Number of panel pre-filters
Carbon cell weight kg
Product Class
Product Range
Product Series
Width 905 mm (35.63 inches)
Height mm (35.63 inches)
Depth 800 mm (31.50 inches)


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About the Brand

KEXPEL specializes in tailored filtration solutions for commercial kitchens, ensuring compliance with stringent environmental regulations. Our cutting-edge filter units are designed to effectively capture and treat contaminants emitted from the kitchen exhaust system. By reducing the release of pollutants and odours into the surrounding environment, KEXPEL not only helps you meet regulatory requirements but also fosters a healthier and more environmentally responsible community. With our filtration technology, you can minimize the impact on neighbouring areas, promoting a cleaner and more harmonious atmosphere for the local community. Choose KEXPEL for a responsible and eco-friendly approach to commercial kitchen operations.