Our user-friendly Air Change Calculator is a powerful tool to help you determine the ideal ventilation rate for your specific space. Designed for simplicity, this calculator takes into account the number of occupants in your room and calculates the recommended air changes per hour based on widely accepted industry standards. You can easily tailor the ventilation rate to match your occupancy level, ensuring that your indoor air quality remains optimal, whether the space is bustling with activity or has a lighter footfall. Below, you’ll find a comprehensive reference of recommended air change rates for various room types, making it easy to ensure the health and comfort of your occupants. With our calculator and the guidance provided, you’re well-equipped to maintain a healthy and comfortable indoor environment while optimizing energy efficiency. The comprehensive list of recommended air change rates for various room types serves as a valuable reference, ensuring that you have the right information at your fingertips to make informed decisions about your ventilation needs. Whether you’re a building manager, engineer, or anyone concerned with indoor air quality, this tool simplifies the process of tailoring ventilation rates to match your specific requirements, contributing to a safer and more comfortable living or working environment.

Fan 1 Duty (Supply or Extract)
Fan 2 Duty (Supply or Extract)

Building / Room Number of Air Changes per Hour
All spaces in general 4
Assembly Halls 4-8
Attic spaces for cooling 12-15
Auditoriums 12-15
Bakeries 20-30
Banks 4-10
Barber Shops 6-10
Bathrooms 3-8
Bars 20-30
Beauty Shops 6-10
Boiler Rooms 15-30
Bowling Alleys 10-15
Cafeterias 12-15
Chemical Stores 5+
Churches 8-15
Classrooms 6-20
Club Rooms 12+
Clubhouses 20-30
Cocktail Lounges 20-30
Computer Rooms 15-20
Court Houses 4-10
Cellars 3-10
Commercial Kitchens 30+
Compressor Rooms 10-20
Conference Rooms 8-12
Dairies 8-12
Dance Halls 6-9
Dental Centers 8-12
Pharmacies 6-10
Engine Rooms 15-30
Entrance Halls & Corridors 3-5
Factory Buildings 2-4
Factory Buildings with Fumes/Moisture 10-15
Fire Stations 4-10
Foundries 15-20
Fume Cupboards 40-50
Galvanizing Plants 20-30
Garages (Repair) 20-30
Garages (Showroom) 6-8
Garages (Storage) 4-6
Gyms 6+
Hospital Rooms (Sterilizing) 15-20
Hospital Rooms (Wards) 6-8
Hospital Rooms (X-Ray) 10-15
Kitchens (General) 15-60
Laboratories 6-15
Laundries 10-20
Lunch Rooms 12-15
Nightclubs 20-30
Machine Shops 6-12
Medical Centers 8-12
Medical Clinics 8-12
Medical Offices 8-12
Mills (Paper) 15-20
Mills (Textile General Buildings) 4
Mills (Textile Dye Houses) 15-20
Municipal Buildings 4-10
Museums 12-15
Offices (Public) 3+
Offices (Business) 6-8
Office Lunch Rooms 7-8
Office Copy Rooms 10-12
Office Computer Rooms 10-14
Paint Shops 10-15
Paper Mills 15-20
Photo Dark Rooms 10-15
Pig Houses 6-10
Police Stations 4-10
Post Offices 4-10
Poultry Houses 6-10
Precision Manufacturing 10-50
Public Buildings (Hallways) 6-8
Public Foyers 8-10
Public Restrooms 10-12
Public Smoking Rooms 15-20
Pump Rooms 5+
Railroad Shops 4+
Residences 1-2
Restaurants (Dining Area) 8-10
Restaurants (Food Staging) 10-12
Restaurants (Kitchens) 30+
Restaurants (Bars) 15-20
Retail 6-10
School Classrooms 6-20
Shoe Shops 6-10
Shopping centers 6-10
Shops (Machine) 5+
Shops (Paint) 15-20
Shops (Wood Working) 5+
Showers (Public) 10+
Showers (Private) 6
Substation (Electric) 5-10
Supermarkets 4-10+
Swimming Pools 20-30
Taverns 20-30
Textile Mills 4+
Toilets (Public) 6-15
Town Halls 4-10
Theatres 8-15
Turbine Rooms (Electric) 5-10
Waiting Rooms (Public) 4
Warehouses 6-30+
Wood Working Shops 8+

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